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       Events 20/05/2008
CEOC-ISPESL Press Release

The 48th Annual Conference & General Assembly of CEOC International will take place on 26 and 27 May 2008 hosted by ISPESL in the Jolly Leonardo Da Vinci Hotel in Rome.

CEOC International is the international Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organisations located in Brussels.

CEOC International represents the joint interests of the world‘s leading inspection and certification companies involved in the inspection and certification of a wide range of consumer products and technical installations.

ISPESL is the Italian Institute for Prevention and Security at Work and CEOC is very pleased to enjoy this year the hospitality of the beautiful city of Rome in Italy.

The 48th CEOC Annual Conference gathers about 100 high level representatives of the international inspection and certification sector to discuss the latest developments in this area that counts world-wide about 2000 companies and over 100.000 employees.

2008 is an important year for CEOC and it‘s members because of the adoption of the new EU legislation on accreditation and market surveillance by the European Parliament and later this year by the European Council.

This new EU legislative package marks a major step in the further development of the internal markets for goods. The legislation covers a wide range of products in 20 industrial sectors ranging from toys to high speed rail systems.

During the Annual Conference high level speakers from the European Parliament (EP)  the European Commission (EC), the European Accreditation Co-operation (EA) and the International Standards Organisation (ISO) will address the audience.

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