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       Consumer Goods 17/11/2008
EU Product Safety Week

Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, US Chair of the Consumer Product Safety Committee Nancy Nord and the Chinese vice-Minister of AQSIQ Wei Chuanzhong. will discuss how EU-China-US cooperation on product safety can be further improved in order to improve the safety of the global production and supply chain.


Commissioner Kuneva and Vice-Minister Wei will also sign a reinforced Memorandum of Understanding on product safety.


The High-level Trilateral Meeting is part of a broader Product Safety Week which is being hosted by the Commissioner from 17-21 November.


The background:


The Commission maintains a very strong focus on improving and upholding a high level of product safety, not just in Europe but in trading partner countries too. International cooperation and traceability throughout the global production and supply chain are essential to deliver the level of product safety that EU citizens demand.


Since the series of high-level product recalls in 2007, the EU has increased its contacts and cooperation with China in the area of product safety, in order to establish a mutual understanding of the level of product safety required and strengthen consumer confidence.

Likewise, with the safety of imported consumer products being an established common concern, the European Commission and the US authorities have recently moved to the next level in their cooperation, notably, by carrying out a joint visit to China to promote product safety compliance and training.


Program 17 November:


09.30 Signature of the EU-China Memorandum of Understanding


10.00 EU-China-US High-level Trilateral Meeting, Berlaymont, Brussels


11.30 Press Conference by Commissioner Kuneva, Chairman Nord and Vice-Minister Wei (Berlaymont Press Room)


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Trilateral cooperation EU/China/US:


Commissioner Kuneva's website:


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Helen Kearns +32 2 2987638

Emer Traynor +32 2 2921548

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