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       EU Policies 17/09/2009
New Technologies to tackle climate change

TÜV NORD Symposium “The Future of Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport and Storage” - Long-term solutions, benefits and scientific data of Carbon Capture and geological Storage were discussed with the European Commission, scientific & legal experts and CEOC experts from TÜV NORD at a CCS Symposium organised on 8th September at the charming facilities of the representative office of the German region of Niedersachsen in Brussels.


The CCS Symposium was an open forum summoned with the purpose of stimulating the debate on the implementation of CO2 sequestration and geological storage, as well as on other feasible technologies of climate change mitigation. Six experts, each one from a different point of view, outlined the economic, legal, technical and political aspects of CO2 sequestration. 


The presence of such speakers as Piotr J. Tulej, the Head of Unit “Energy and Environment” in the European Commission’s DG Environment, or Ralf Schlüter, a scientist-geologist involved in several Carbon-sequestration projects worldwide, guaranteed high political and scientific standing. In addition, a number of top executives of the certification and inspection business area, principally from TÜV NORD, vouched for the “business-friendly” approach, yet the attendance of representatives of global NGOs, such as WWF, was also numerous. This inspiring conference was concluded by a cocktail, where all participants could exchange their points of view with guest speakers.


CEOC International has prepared a special briefing on CCS. For more information on the issue, please contact our EU Affairs Advisor at:


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