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       Non Destructive Testing 25/09/2009
European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing meets in Cavtat, Croatia

CEOC International Secretary General Drewin Nieuwenhuis was invited by EFNDT (The European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing) to give a presentation during their Board Meeting and Conference in Cavtat near Dubrovnik, Croatia, on 24 September 2009.

The European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing (EFNDT) was founded in May 1998 in Copenhagen at the 7th European Conference for Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT). Its main objectives are:

to develop powerful Working Groups, the results of which should give answers to NDT problems of industrial and public organisations to establish a European system of personnel qualification Personnel certification based on EN 473/ISO 9712 by bodies nominated by EFNDT members Qualification and Certification based on accreditation in line with EN 45013/ISO 17024 within the EFNDT Mutual Recognition Agreement to set up a European Certification Program

CEOC International has its own Technical Committee on Non-Destructive Testing and established closer co-operation with EFNDT on issued of joint interest earlier this year.

For more information on CEOC NDT issues, please contact Ms Astrid Grunert, EU Affairs Manager:

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