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       EU Policies 06/10/2009
European Parliament Brussels Plenary Session

Key Issues


MEPs to debate result of Irish referendum on Lisbon Treaty

The outcome of the Lisbon Treaty referendum in Ireland on 2 October will be discussed

by the European Parliament's political groups on Wednesday afternoon with Commission

President José Manuel Barroso and, for the Council, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Irish voters approved the Treaty with 67.1% of votes in favour and 32.9% against.

The turnout was 59%, which was 6% more than in the vote in 2008.


A special committee on the financial and economic crisis

MEPs will look at the impact of the financial crisis and set up a new body to assess measures

taken by the EU and its Member States. The decision to create a special new 45-member

committee will be put to the vote on Thursday (8 October) and the committee will have to

complete its work within one year.


Resolution on the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh

Parliament will deliver its verdict on the outcome of the G-20 summit held on 24 and 25

September in Pittsburgh. The EU's common stance on the financial crisis has already been

debated by Parliament, at the previous plenary session in Strasbourg. In that debate, MEPs

urged the EU to adopt a firm position on the supervision of financial markets. Vote on the

conclusions of the summit will take place on Thursday (8 October).


Financial crisis: MEPs demand more help for poorest countries

In response to the global economic crisis, Parliament will vote on a resolution calling for reform of international financial institutions and other measures.


MEPs to evaluate the Statute for European Companies

What is the state of play regarding the Statute for a European Company, which was supposed to make it easier for businesses to operate in more than one EU country?




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