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       Machinery, Cranes and Lifts 27/11/2009
CEOC lift experts meet in Brussels

The agenda included drafting of a CEOC position of lift inspection requirements, as well as a new document on modifications of machinery in use.


On 26 and 27 November 2009 the CEOC International lift experts met in Brussels to discuss practical issues relevant in the field of lifts. The CEOC International “Machines, Lifts and Cranes” committee (CML) generally covers lifts, machines and cranes. However, separate meetings for machinery (13 and 14 October in Vienna) and for lifts (above mentioned dates) were organised during the second half of 2009 in order to leave room for very specific items related to both fields.

The lifts group mainly discussed a CEOC Position Paper listing criteria for periodic inspection (thorough examination) of lifts in service by Lift Inspection Bodies (third party inspection).


The next meeting of the machinery group will take place on 12 January 2010 (place to be confirmed). The following meeting of the lifts group will be held in Brussels during the first week of February 2010.


The CML committee is chaired by A. Russold (TÜV AUSTRIA).


If you wish to receive more information on the work of the Machines, Lifts and Cranes committee, please contact Ms Astrid Silvia Grunert, EU Affairs Manager at CEOC International:

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