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       Standardisation 01/01/2010
CEN and CENELEC merge their management structure

On 1st of January 2010, Ms Elena Santiago Cid took over the position of joint common Director General for both CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization).


Her appointment is not a random choice. Ms Santiago brings substantial experience in her new position, having been the Director General of CENELEC since 1 September 2003, where her responsibilities included the direction and management of the CENELEC Central Secretariat, providing executive support to the activities of the CENELEC General Assembly, Administrative Board (CA) and its advisory committees.  In her current role, she manages the institutional relations with the European Commission and EFTA (European Free Trade Association) and is responsible for the relations with CENELEC’s European sister organisations CEN and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), as a member of the Joint Presidents Group (JPG), as well as relations with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), as a member of the Management Coordination Group (MCG).


The initiative of a joint common body for both committees shows the strong collaboration of CEN and CENELEC and ensures the continued contribution towards shaping the future and increasing the efficiency of the European Standardization System. This fusion represents also a single response to the challenge of supporting the long-term competitiveness of Europe in the global economy.


On the 19th of January, CEN-CENELEC celebrated its New Year’s Reception. The speeches of Mr. David Dossette and Mr. Juan Carlos López Agüí, Presidents of CENELEC and respectively CEN, focused on an optimistic approach of their new joint body.



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