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       Energy and Environment 08/11/2010
EU launches Environmental Technology Verification programme

During a Brussels conference on 08 November the European Commission presented its ETV programme which is intended to boost new technologies through performance verification.


The conference organised on 08 November at the meeting centre of the European Commission in Brussels brought together the responsible Commission officials with regard to ETV, as well as other stakeholders coming from the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and various companies/institutes.


The programme


The EU Environmental Technology Verification pre-programme (ETV) – operating on a voluntary basis as part of a build-up towards a formalised system – aims to generate independent and highly credible information about new environmental technologies. It will do this by verifying that performance claims by technology developers and vendors are accurate, complete, faire and based on reliable test results.


The actors


Accredited Verification Bodies will begin offering verification services to all interested manufacturers of innovative environmental technologies in 2011.

During the verification process, a testing body or analytical laboratory may also be involved in case further tests are needed to verify the technology.


The scope


The technology scope of the ETV pre-programme will initially include the areas of water treatment and monitoring (monitoring of water quality, treatment of drinking water and of waste water); materials, waste and resources (separation and sorting of solid waste, recycling of materials, end-of-life products and chemicals, products made of biomass); energy technologies (renewable sources of energy, energy from waste, energy efficiency technologies).




As of September 2010, participating countries are: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Poland and the United Kingdom. More to join.

ETV programme are also implemented in the United States, Japan, Korea, Canada and the Philippines.


CEOC’s involvement


Following a first contact and meeting with Pierre Henry, one of the speakers at the conference and European Commission official at the Research and Innovation Unit of DG Environment, in April this year CEOC International is considered as interested stakeholder in the process. Further exchange of information and meetings are foreseen in the future, possibly in the frame of the CEOC committee on Energy and Environment which will hold its next meeting on 15 March 2011.


CEOC International has established contact with Pierre Henry, one of the speakers at the conference and European Commission official at the Research and Innovation Unit of DG Environment.


More information is available on the ETV web site:


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