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       Events 31/12/2010
50 years of CEOC: CEOC International Annual Reception & Conference in Brussels 2011

2nd CEOC International Safety Seminar: “Market Surveillance and safe products: Challenges for 2011”


Date: Wednesday 16 March 2011

Place: Brussels, Stanhope Hotel


CEOC International, the International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organisation, will hold its Annual Reception in Brussels on 16 March 2011. This will be the occasion to look back at 50 years of successfully joining forces for safety in the field of products, processes, industrial installations ...


CEOC International – the International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organisations – was founded in 1961 and acts as the voice of the inspection and certification sector at EU and international levels. Its headquarters are based in Brussels. The confederation represents the joint interests of many of the world’s leading inspection and certification companies, employing more than 70,000 highly qualified persons, of which over 42,000 are graduate engineers and technicians. Our members are world-wide involved in the periodical inspection of technical installations as well as the certification of new products and services to protect the workers and citizens of Europe against unsafe products and technical installations.





18.00 – 19.30    Seminar on Market Surveillance and safe products


As of 17.00       Registration and welcome cocktail


18.00                Welcome by the CEOC President, Dr Hugo Eberhardt


18.10                Key-note Speech Malcolm Harbour, Member of the European Parliament & Chair of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, The EU’s approach on Market Surveillance after the New Legislative Framework for the Marketing of Goods (NLF, Regulation on Accreditation and Market Surveillance).


18.25                Questions and Answers

18.30                Presentation by Monique Goyens, Director General of BEUC, the European Consumers' Organisation, Market Surveillance from a consumer perspective.


18.45                               Presentation by Chris Van der Cruyssen, Director General a.i. DG Quality and Safety Federal Public Service Economy – Belgium, Market Surveillance – a case study from Belgium.


19.00                Questions and Answers


19.10                Conclusions by the chairman


19.15 - 21.30     Reception and Cocktail Buffet

You can download the presentations below:

 Hugo Eberhardt
 Monique Goyens
 Chris Van der Cruyssen




CEOC International Committee Meetings

Date: Thursday 17 March 2011

Place: Brussels, Stanhope Hotel



10.00 – 16.00    Meetings of the CEOC Committees:


Committee on Inspection – CI


Committee on Energy - CND


Committee on Machines, Lifts and Cranes – CML


Committee on Occupational Health and Safety – COH


Committee on Communication – COMMS



For registration and additional information, please contact Astrid Silvia Grunert, CEOC EU Affairs Manager:




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