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       Pressure Equipment 15/02/2011
CEOC members’ experts discuss RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) in Munich

Coordination and Brainstorming Meeting on "Future of standardization of Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenance in Europe, based on further development of CWA 15740:2008" Munich February 15th 2011.


"Why the need for harmonizing – standardising a Risk Based Inspection approach" - Dirk-Jan Schuld (Lloyd’s Register Energy RBMI Sales & marketing Manager Europe, Middle-East & Africa) delivered a presentation regarding the RBI market for Europe, Middle-East, including some global trends.


In April 2008 CEN has published the CEN Workshop Agreement document CWA 15740:2008 "Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenance Procedures for European Industry (RIMAP)". What at the time was envisaged primarily as a step enabling practical application of RIMAP results and had to compete against well established documents from the US, came out to be a robust concept with some important advantages like linking RBI to RCM, allowing application of different specific methodologies and tools under the same framework, successful applications and the possibility to embed the financial aspects of RBI/RCM.


Now, at the beginning of 2011, three years after being issued, the status of the CWA 15740:2008 document must be reviewed. Several options for "further life" and further development are open and it would be very important that the interested stakeholders decide which way is in their best interest. That is why TÜV SÜD and Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies (the coordinator of CWA 15740:2008) invited all people and companies interested in standardization of modern RBI approaches and practices, and in particular those meaning that CWA 15740:2008 could offer a good basis for that to come to a coordination and brainstorming meeting on 15 February 2011.


 The objective of the meeting was to define the "way forward" which has to be communicated to CEN and DIN at latest in April 2011. Items on the agenda were:


1.       Which standardization or other bodies are interested in advancing the standardization aspects of the European RBI

2.       Which companies/persons would like to be involved in this activity

3.       CEN TCs possibly interested in "hosting" the topic

4.       Possibility of establishing "small TC" (2-3 years lifetime, just one EN)

5.       Define the principal directions of contents updating of CWA 15740:2008 – e.g. with respect to new US, Japanese and Korean docs, and developments in countries like China

6.       Define the Operating team for the new European RBI (EN based on CWA 15740:2008)



For more information on this particular meeting and on CEOC activities in the field of RBI, please contact Franziska Kassler, CEOC Junior International Affairs Manager,


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