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       Construction and Infrastructure 30/06/2010
Energy Efficiency in Buildings

On 30 June, the European platform on energy efficient buildings, Build up, organised its annual users and stakeholders committee meeting at the Belgian Building Research Institute in Brussels. CEOC International has established links with Build up over a year ago and has a direct link to the build up page on its web site.

Energy Efficiency in Buildings is one of the priorities identified by the newly created CEOC Energy Committee, chaired by Simon Emeny (Lloyd's Register, UK).

During the Build up conference on 30 June, Vincent Berrutto (on behalf of the European Commission DG Energy) gave an overview of the latest steps taken by the EU institutions with regards to energy efficiency. If you wish to obtain the presentations, please contact the CEOC secretariat, at:

BUILD UP aims to promote better and smarter buildings across Europe by connecting building professionals, local authorities and citizens. Its interactive web portal will catalyse and release Europe’s collective intelligence for an effective implementation of energy-saving measures in buildings. The media can support this key action by raising public awareness and bringing actions at the local, regional and national level to the widest possible audience.

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