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       Agriculture and Food 14/09/2011
Food Safety Day - 15 September
In Europe about 89 million tonnes of food is wasted every year along the entire food chain. That's 179 kg per person! Without any prevention measures it is expected that the total annual amount of wasted food will reach 126 million tonnes by the end of this decade. "This situation poses significant challenges to the sustainability of the food chain and it is a striking example of inefficient use of resources," Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner John Dalli said. "The Commission is engaged in the efforts to address the issue and has started to analyse with all interested parties ways to minimise food waste and optimise food packaging without compromising food safety," he added.

The Commission has declared the 15th of September Food Safety Day, through which it aims to raise awareness about this wastage and also about opportunities to prevent food waste and optimise food packaging without compromising food safety and hygiene standards. Often there are strong synergies between ensuring food safety and limiting food waste. For example, communicating and raising awareness about food date labels ("best before" and "use by" dates) and about refrigerated storage of food will benefit both food safety and food waste reduction.

For more information, please see: MEMO/11/598 and Environmental Sustainability of the Food Chain
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