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       EU Policies 11/06/2012
Meeting CEOC International - Cabinet EU Commissioner John Dalli

Meeting Report

CEOC International - Cabinet of John Dalli


Date and place of the meeting:         Tuesday, 5th June 2012, Berlaymont, Brussels


Participants:              Mrs Joanna Darmanin, Head of Cabinet, DG SANCO

                                  Mrs Rossella Delfino, Member of Cabinet, DG SANCO

                                  Mr Octavian Vasile, Policy Officer Product and Service Safety, DG SANCO


                                  Mr Drewin Nieuwenhuis, Secretary General CEOC International

Mr Daniel Pflumm, Chairman of TC Conformity Assessment (CC)/ VdTÜV

                                  Mr Thomas Grusemann, TÜV Rheinland EU Liaison Office

                                  Ms Franziska Kassler, International Affairs Manager CEOC International


The DG Health and Consumer (DG SANCO) under   Commissioner John Dalli (Malta) is responsible for product   and food safety, consumer rights and health and as such an   important contact partner for CEOC International.

After an introduction of CEOC International by CEOC Secretary General the following topics were discussed:

- General Product Safety Directive:

The Commission representatives explained that the two services in  charge, DG SANCO and DG ENTERPRISE, have come to an  agreement regarding the text of the revision. An Impact Assessment will be launched by the end of July. The adoption of the proposal is expected to take place in November or December this year. The aim of this revision is the simplification of current legislation. The provisions on market surveillance in Regulation 765/2008, chapter 3, will be taken out of the regulation and will be combined with market surveillance provisions of the GPSD. Regulation 765 will then only be dealing with accreditation and CE marking while all requirements for market surveillance are going to be dealt with in the revised GPSD.


In the future there will also be only one notification procedure for dangerous products. All products will be notified to RAPEX and only in cases where the member states do not agree on the tests to be conducted there will be a separate procedures afterwards. 

Joanna Darmanin raised the issue that for smaller Member States  it is more difficult to identify competent partners in product testing.  Daniel Pflumm proposed to think about the introduction of an  EU-wide data base of competent and accredited bodies performing  product test in the non harmonised area as NANDO only lists NB’s under EU-Directives.

Daniel Pflumm also advocated maintaining recital 17 of the existing General Product Safety Directive Appropriate independent certification recognised by the competent authorities may facilitate proof of compliance with the applicable product safety criteria…”


- Medical Device Directive:


The Commission draft for the revision of the Medical Device Directive will soon be submitted to the European Parliament and the European Council. The current version does not foresee any requirements for a pre-authorisation of medical devices and is thus not following the resolution of the parliament’s ENVI committee. However, the pressure for action is high both in the Parliament and in the Council, which is why it is highly likely that requests for changes will come up during the co-decision procedure. Mrs Darmanin explained that there is some resistance to the current draft proposal. The Commission’s aim is to have the revision proposal adopted in the third week of September.


Thomas Grusemann reported briefly on the meeting of a group of Medical Notified Bodies (Team NB ) with Commissioner Dalli and other Commission staff. Due to the strong support of John Dalli of the Code of Conduct (COC) adopted by several NBs and the expressed wish to extend the adoption of the COC by more NBs, Team-NB has started the process of defining work packages that can progressively be adapted by more NBs. As soon as first results are achieved, Team-NB will report back to John Dalli’s cabinet.

Daniel Pflumm reported briefly about an audition on safety of medical devices organized by the French Sénat in which he took part together with two other VdTÜV representatives.


In general Commissioner Dalli’s cabinet demonstrated a strong interest in the contribution of independent testing, inspection and certification bodies to the safety of European societies and its citizens. It seems that the political winds in Brussels are changing with growing political and public support for supervision and control of the markets. Questions were asked about the importance of the emerging markets and how the TIC sector is dealing with products coming from these markets and about the costs of product testing, especially with regards to the smaller EU member states, which might not always have the same resources and infrastructures for conducting product certification as the big ones.

EC Commissioner Dalli will be invited as a key note speaker at the CEOC International Safety Seminar in November in Brussels to further discuss the issue of costs of product certification in relation to the manufacturing and distribution costs of consumer products (and services).


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