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       Events 25/11/2015
De-Briefing: 6th CEOC – EUROLAB – IFIA International Safety Conference

On 10th November 2015 CEOC International, EUROLAB and IFIA organised the 6th International Safety Conference in Brussels: 'The future of testing and inspection'. This year’s focus was on future developments and challenges related to the safety of food, industrial installations and consumer products. The event brought together more than 100 participants from the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) sector, EU institutions and consumer and industry associations.

The de-briefing of the event can be downloaded here: 6th CEOC – EUROLAB – IFIA International Safety Conference de-briefing.


Session 1:

  • Kerstin Jorna (Director, DG GROWTH) The European Commission’s Single Market Strategy

Session 2:

The event was concluded by key note speaker Vicky Ford (Chair of the EP’s IMCO Committee), who stressed the importance of consumer protection and outlined the work her committee is undertaking for ensuring a high level of safety.

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