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       Consumer Goods 01/02/2016
2015 IFIA-CEOC International Consumer Product Safety Study

At the 6th CEOC – EUROLAB – IFIA Safety Conference in November 2015, CEOC International and IFIA presented the results of their 2015 market study. 

The aim of the study, which has been carried out for four consecutive years now, is to gauge the effectiveness of securing safety  of  consumer  products,  comparing  the  self-declaration  system  and  third  party  testing  and  certification. 

This year the study focused on products purchased online, both in the EU and the US. The results were in line with the outcomes of the previous studies, i.e. 77% of the self-declared products were not in compliance with the relevant legislation, with 48 instances of safety critical failures. Compared to this, among the third party certified products, there were only 0.7% and 1% products respectively in the EU and the US that showed safety critical failures.

CEOC International and IFIA will continue to promote the added value of independent third party testing in reducing the number of non-compliant products on the market, thereby increasing the safety of consumers significantly.

The presentation on the results of the 2012-2015 IFIA-CEOC market studies can be downloaded from here.

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