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       EU Policies 17/06/2016
CEOC International Position Position: Upgrade the European Single Market with compliant products and services

The European Single Market is based on common legislation harmonised across Europe on the one hand and on trust between economic operators in the course of mutual recognition of national regulations on the other hand.

Most recently, the rules for both methods to place products on the market were revised in the so-called 2008 Goods Package. This includes:

  • Regulation No. 764/2008/EC on procedures for the application of national technical guidelines for products that have lawfully been placed on the market in another member state
  • Regulation 765/2008/EC on rules for accreditation and market surveillance related to the marketing of products
  • Resolution No. 768/2008/EC on a common regulatory framework for the marketing of products

Against this background CEOC International, the international confederation of inspection and certification organisations, welcomes the initiative of the European Commission (EC) to review the regulatory framework for the European Single Market.

The CEOC International position on the communication on "Upgrading the Single Market: more opportunities for people and business" from 28/10/2015 can be downloaded here.

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