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       Occupational Health and Safety 08/05/2018
CEOC International - Official Partner of the new EU-OSHA Campaign

CEOC International has become an official partner of the latest Europe-wide campaign 2018-19, ‘Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances', launched by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) on 24 April 2018. The new campaign aims to promote techniques for the proper management of dangerous substances in the workplace, such as risk assessment, elimination and substitution, by disseminating practical tools and case studies. It also focuses on groups of workers who are at particular risk.

Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, spoke at a press conference in Brussels to mark the campaign launch: ‘We will continue to raise awareness and take action to limit workers' exposure to cancer-causing chemicals. This is a key priority for the European Commission, not least because the European Pillar of Social Rights entitles workers to a high level of protection of their safety and health at work. EU-OSHA’s campaigns are leading the way in reaching workplaces across Europe and help organisations adopt effective approaches to occupational safety and health management with the necessary tools.’

The campaign has the following objectives:

·       to raise awareness of the importance and relevance of managing dangerous substances in European workplaces;

·       to promote risk assessment, elimination and substitution, as well as the hierarchy of prevention measures;

·       to raise awareness of the risks linked to exposure to carcinogens at work;

·       to target groups of workers with specific needs and increased levels of risk (for example, women, migrants and young people);

·       to increase awareness of policy developments and the current legislative framework. 

Key dates

·       Campaign launch: April 2018

·       European Weeks for Safety and Health at Work: October 2018 and 2019

·       Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Exchange event: 1st quarter of 2019

·       Healthy Workplaces Summit: November 2019


·       Visit the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-2019 website

·       Find out more about dangerous substances

·       Watch the press conference

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