CEOC Meetings
Start Date
End Date
EA General AssemblyOther Meeting  BucharestRomania21/11/201822/11/2018
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  tbd 14/11/201814/11/2018
EA Advisory Board (AB) meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium17/10/201817/10/2018
EA Laboratory Committee (LC) meetingOther Meeting  TallinnEstonia26/09/201827/09/2018
EA Horizontal Harmonisation Committee (HHC) meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium18/09/201819/09/2018
EA Inspection Committee (IC) meetingOther Meeting  WarsawPoland13/09/201814/09/2018
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  CologneGermany13/09/201813/09/2018
EA Certification Committee (CC) meetingOther Meeting  WarsawPoland11/09/201812/09/2018
IFIA Council meetingOther Meeting  ChicagoUSA12/06/201813/06/2018
Joint meeting of the Board of Directors, TCs Chairmen and AuditorsBoard Meeting  LisbonPortugal12/06/201812/06/2018
TC CML meetingOther Meeting  LisbonPortugal11/06/201811/06/2018
TC CI meetingOther Meeting  LisbonPortugal11/06/201811/06/2018
TC CNDOther Meeting  LisbonPortugal11/06/201811/06/2018
TC COH meetingOther Meeting  LisbonPortugal11/06/201811/06/2018
TC CC meetingOther Meeting  LisbonPortugal11/06/201811/06/2018
TC CP meetingOther Meeting  LisbonPortugal11/06/201811/06/2018
TC Energy and EnvironmentOther Meeting  LisbonPortugal11/06/201811/06/2018
TC MD meetingOther Meeting  LisbonPortugal11/06/201811/06/2018
58th CEOC International General Assembly and Meetings of the Technical CommitteesGeneral Assemblyhosted by ISQ LisbonPortugal09/06/201812/06/2018
EU-VRi/ETPIS 14th General AssemblyOther Meeting  PotsdamGermany28/05/201828/05/2018
EA General AssemblyOther Meeting  SofiaBulgaria16/05/201817/05/2018
EUROLAB General Assembly & Annual Meetings 2018Other Meeting  VarnaBulgaria19/04/201820/04/2018
IFIA Consumer and Industrial Products Committee (CIPC) meetingOther Meeting  ArnhemThe Netherlands17/04/201818/04/2018
JTC PTC meetingOther Meeting  ArnhemThe Netherlands17/04/201817/04/2018
ETICS General AssemblyOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium17/04/201818/04/2018
PROSAFE JA2015 ConferenceOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium17/04/201818/04/2018
CEOC/IFIA Public Affairs (PAC) Committee meetingOther Meeting  ArnhemThe Netherlands16/04/201816/04/2018
CEOC AuditorsOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium12/04/201812/04/2018
IAF-ILAC Mid-term meetingsOther Meeting  FrankfurtGermany04/04/201811/04/2018
EUIPO Private Sector Representatives meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium22/03/201822/03/2018
TC CML meetingOther Meeting  AmsterdamThe Netherlands15/03/201816/03/2018
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium14/03/201814/03/2018
IFIA General AssemblyOther Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland 07/12/201707/12/2017
40th EA General Assembly (EA GA)Other Meeting  BerlinGermany22/11/201723/11/2017
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium22/11/201722/11/2017
Health Workplaces Summit on Healthy Workplaces for All AgesOther Meeting  BilbaoSpain21/11/201722/11/2017
EUROLAB National Members' Meeting Other Meeting  ParisFrance16/11/201717/11/2017
JTC PTC meetingOther Meeting  ParisFrance15/11/201716/11/2017
TC CML meetingOther Meeting  ViennaAustria06/11/201707/11/2017
EUIPO Observatory Plenary Meeting Other Meeting  AlicanteSpain27/09/201728/09/2017
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium26/09/201726/09/2017
EA Horizontal Harmonisation Committee (HHC) meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium19/09/201720/09/2017
EUROPOL IP ConferenceOther Meeting  AntwerpBelgium19/09/201720/09/2017
EA Advisory Board (AB) meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium12/09/201712/09/2017
TC CML Working Group meetingOther Meeting  CologneGermany29/08/201730/08/2017
CEOC Meeting with EFNDTOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium11/07/201711/07/2017
Fenelab Laboratory DayOther Meeting  WerkendamThe Netherlands15/06/201715/06/2017
VMPA General AssemblyOther Meeting  BerlinGermany12/06/201713/06/2017
Joint meeting of the Board of Directors, TCs Chairmen and AuditorsBoard Meeting  LyonFrance30/05/201730/05/2017
TC CML meetingOther Meeting  Lyon France29/05/201729/05/2017
TC CI meetingOther Meeting  LyonFrance29/05/201729/05/2017
TC CND meetingOther Meeting  LyonFrance29/05/201729/05/2017
TC COH meetingOther Meeting  LyonFrance29/05/201729/05/2017
TC CC meetingOther Meeting  LyonFrance29/05/201729/05/2017
TC CP meetingOther Meeting  LyonFrance29/05/201729/05/2017
TC Energy and Environment meetingOther Meeting  LyonFrance29/05/201729/05/2017
TC MD meetingOther Meeting  LyonFrance29/05/201729/05/2017
CEOC International General Assembly and TCs meetingsGeneral Assemblyhosted by APAVE LyonFrance27/05/201730/05/2017
Combined Communications WG1 meetingOther Meeting  MilanItaly18/05/201718/05/2017
CEOC/IFIA Public Affairs Committee meetingOther Meeting  MilanItaly17/05/201717/05/2017
IFIA Consumer and Industrial Products Committee (CIPC) meetingOther Meeting  MilanItaly16/05/201717/05/2017
EUROLAB General Assembly Other Meeting  BolognaItaly03/05/201704/05/2017
EUIPO WGsOther Meeting  Alicante Spain02/05/201705/05/2017
ETICS General AssemblyOther Meeting  The HagueThe Netherlands26/04/201727/04/2017
CEOC/IFIA Public Affairs Committee meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium26/04/201726/05/2017
CEOC Central and Eastern European Members' meeting Other Meeting  BrnoCzech Republic24/04/201724/04/2017
JTC PTC meetingOther Meeting  MunichGermany04/04/201705/04/2017
EA Horizontal Harmonisation Committee (HHC) meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium28/03/201729/03/2017
CEOC Auditors Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium23/03/201723/03/2017
CEOC/IFIA Public Affairs Committee meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium22/03/201722/03/2017
COMMs meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium22/03/201722/03/2017
TC CML meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium20/03/201720/03/2017
CEOC/IFIA Public Affairs Committee meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium22/02/201722/02/2017
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium08/02/201708/02/2017
Combined Communications WG1 meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium02/02/201702/02/2017
CEOC/IFIA Public Affairs Group meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium25/01/201725/01/2017
COMMs meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium25/01/201725/01/2017
Combined Communications Group Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium13/12/201613/12/2016
CEOC Brussels Focus Group meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium08/12/201608/12/2016
EA General AssemblyOther Meeting  BoråsSweden23/11/201624/11/2016
JTC PTC meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium09/11/201609/11/2016
TC Energy and Environment meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium09/11/201609/11/2016
TC CP meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium08/11/201608/11/2016
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium08/11/201608/11/2016
7th International Safety ConferenceAnnual Reception  BrusselsBelgium08/11/201608/11/2016
TC CND meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium08/11/201608/11/2016
TC CML meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium07/11/201608/11/2016
Joint IAF-ILAC Annual MeetingsOther Meeting  New DelhiIndia26/10/201604/11/2016
EA Advisory Board (EAAB) meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium12/10/201612/10/2016
COMMs meetingOther Meeting  LyonFrance12/10/201612/10/2016
CAB College meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium11/10/201611/10/2016
Combined Communications WG1 meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium05/10/201605/10/2016
TC MDOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium29/09/201629/09/2016
EA Laboratory Committee (LC) meetingOther Meeting  CopenhagenDenmark28/09/201629/09/2016
EA Horizontal Harmonisation Committee (HHC) meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium20/09/201621/09/2016
EA Inspection Committee (IC) meetingOther Meeting  TallinnEstonia15/09/201616/09/2016
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium15/09/201615/09/2016
EA Certification Committee (CC) meetingOther Meeting  TallinnEstonia13/09/201614/09/2016
Combined Communications Group meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium13/09/201613/09/2016
Brussels Focus Group meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium07/09/201607/09/2016
TC CC meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium06/09/201606/09/2016
TC CC meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium12/07/201612/07/2016
COMMs meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium21/06/201621/06/2016
Joint meeting of the Board of Directors, TCs Chairmen and AuditorsBoard Meeting  The HagueThe Netherlands31/05/201631/05/2016
TC Energy and Environment meeting Other Meeting  The Hague Netherlands30/05/201630/05/2016
TC COH meetingOther Meeting  The Hague Netherlands30/05/201630/05/2016
TC CP meetingOther Meeting  The Hague Netherlands30/05/201630/05/2016
TC CC meetingOther Meeting  The Hague Netherlands30/05/201630/05/2016
TC CND meetingOther Meeting  The Hague Netherlands30/05/201630/05/2016
TC CI meetingOther Meeting  The HagueNetherlands30/05/201630/05/2016
TC CML meetingOther Meeting  The HagueNetherlands30/05/201630/05/2016
CEOC International General Assembly and TCs meetingsGeneral Assembly  The HagueNetherlands28/05/201631/05/2016
EA General Assembly Other Meeting  LondonUnited Kingdom25/05/201626/05/2016
CAB College meeting Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium28/04/201628/04/2016
EA Advisory Board (EAAB) meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium27/04/201627/04/2016
EA Horizontal Harmonisation Committee (HHC) meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium12/04/201613/04/2016
JTC PTC meetingOther Meeting  EssenGermany11/04/201612/04/2016
IAF-ILAC Mid-term meetingsOther Meeting  FrankfurtGermany29/03/201607/04/2016
EA Laboratory Committee (LC) meetingOther Meeting  PragueCzech Republic16/03/201617/03/2016
COMMs meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium15/03/201615/03/2016
TC Energy and Environment meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium14/03/201614/03/2016
EA Certification Committee (CC) meetingOther Meeting  VilniusLithuania09/03/201610/03/2016
EA Inscpection Committee (IC) meetingOther Meeting  VilniusLithuania08/03/201608/03/2016
TC CI meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium01/03/201601/03/2016
TC MD meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium18/02/201618/02/2016
ISO CASGO WG 44Other Meeting  GenevaSwitwerland16/02/201618/02/2016
ISO CASGO WG 42 meetingOther Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland16/02/201618/02/2016
Combined CEOC - ETICS - EUROLAB - IFIA Communications meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium03/02/201603/02/2016
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium02/02/201602/02/2016
TC CML meetingOther Meeting  WarsawPoland27/01/201628/01/2016
COMMs meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium15/12/201515/12/2015
ISO CASGO WG 42 meetingOther Meeting  GenevaSwitwerland08/12/201511/12/2015
ISO CASCO CPC meetingOther Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland04/12/201504/12/2015
Civil Society Dialogue Meeting on TTIPOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium02/12/201502/12/2015
EA General Assembly meetingOther Meeting  BudapestHungary25/11/201526/11/2015
TC COH meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium11/11/201511/11/2015
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium10/11/201510/11/2015
TC Inspection meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium10/11/201510/11/2015
TC CI (Inspection) meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium10/11/201510/11/2015
TC Energy meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium10/11/201510/11/2015
CEOC International - EUROLAB - IFIA Safety Seminar 2015Annual Reception  BrusselsBelgium10/11/201510/11/2015
JTC PTC meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium09/11/201509/11/2015
Healthy Workplaces Summit "Healthy Worplaces Manage Stress"Other Meeting  BilbaoSpain03/11/201504/11/2015
ILAC-IAF Joint Annual MeetingsOther Meeting  MilanItaly28/10/201506/11/2015
EAAB meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium21/10/201521/10/2015
CAB College meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium20/10/201520/10/2015
TC CND meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium20/10/201520/10/2015
CAB College meetingOther Meeting  Brussels Belgium20/10/201520/10/2015
EA Inspection Committee meetingOther Meeting  LisbonPortugal08/10/201508/10/2015
COMMs meetingOther Meeting  IstanbulTurkey08/10/201508/10/2015
EUROLAB National Members meetingOther Meeting  IstanbulTurkey07/10/201507/10/2015
EA Certification Committee meetingOther Meeting  LisbonPortugal06/10/201507/10/2015
EA Horizontal Harmonization Committee meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium24/09/201525/09/2015
TC MD meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium24/09/201524/09/2015
COMMs meetingOther Meeting  tbc 16/09/201516/09/2015
EA Laboratory Committee meetingOther Meeting  BelgradeSerbia08/09/201508/09/2015
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium08/09/201508/09/2015
COMMs meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium24/06/201524/06/2015
ISO CASGO (Revision ISO / IEC 17025)Other Meeting    18/06/201520/06/2015
59th EOQ CongressOther Meeting  AthensGreece11/06/201512/06/2015
Participation in the EC Workshop on 'Due Diligence in Supply Chains: How Can Responsible Supply Chain Management Improve The Protection of Intellectual Property' Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium05/06/201505/06/2015
ISO CASGO WG44 (Revision ISO/IEC 17025)Other Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland02/06/201504/06/2015
CEOC International General Assembly and TCs meetingsGeneral Assemblyhosted by TÜV Rheinland CologneGermany30/05/201502/06/2015
EA General Assembly meetingOther Meeting  AthensGreece27/05/201528/05/2015
TTIP and Health – Stakeholder meeting Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium27/05/201527/05/2015
Outreach – Update on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – Ninth Negotiation Round Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium18/05/201518/05/2015
JTC PTC meetingOther Meetinghosted by UL MilanItaly27/04/201528/04/2015
Cross-ETP event: Common challenges to safety, security and risk managementOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium21/04/201521/04/2015
Brokerage event EU-VRi / ETPIS for Horizon 2020Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium20/04/201520/04/2015
EAAB meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium15/04/201515/04/2015
CEOC International Central and Eastern European Members’ meetingOther Meetinghosted by SAMTS SofiaBulgaria15/04/201517/04/2015
CAB College meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium14/04/201514/04/2015
COMMs meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium25/03/201525/03/2015
TC Energy meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium25/03/201525/03/2015
TC CI meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium12/03/201512/03/2015
TC MD meetingOther Meetinghosted by TÜV Rheinland CologneGermany10/03/201510/03/2015
EU-OSHA: Benchmarking and exchange of good practices in OSHOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium05/03/201506/03/2015
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium25/02/201525/02/2015
3rd Safera Symposium: Future Research Programming on Industrial SafetyOther Meeting  ParisFrance09/02/201510/02/2015
TTIP Stakeholder event on the 8th Round of NegotiationsOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium04/02/201504/02/2015
TC CML meetingOther Meetinghosted by TDT WarsawPoland04/02/201505/02/2015
Stakeholders event of the 8th TTIP negotiations roundOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium04/02/201504/02/2015
Meeting with ENDRA "Usage of testing houses by online retailers"Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium03/02/201503/02/2015
Public Hearing on TTIP in the European ParliamentOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium27/01/201527/01/2015
Brussels Focus Group meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium20/01/201520/01/2015
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium05/11/201405/11/2014
Safety Seminar 2014 Annual Reception  BrusselsBelgium05/11/201405/11/2014
EAAB meeting Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium22/10/201422/10/2014
CAB College meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium21/10/201421/10/2014
ECNDTOther Meeting  PragueCzech Republic06/10/201410/10/2014
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium17/09/201417/09/2014
EA Horizontal Harmonisation Committee meeting Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium16/09/201417/09/2014
International Product Safety weekOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium16/06/201420/06/2014
EA General Assembly meetingOther Meeting  PragueCzech Republic27/05/201428/05/2014
CEOC General Assembly 2014General Assemblyhosted by Inspecta HelsinkiFinland24/05/201427/05/2014
Joint IAF - ILAC Mid - Term meetings Other Meeting  FrankfurtGermany23/04/201429/04/2014
JTC PTC meetingOther Meeting    07/04/201408/04/2014
CAB College meeting Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium02/04/201402/04/2014
EA Advisory Board meeting Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium02/04/201402/04/2014
EUROLAB General AssemblyOther Meeting  WarsawPoland31/03/201402/04/2014
EA Certification Committee meetingOther Meeting  OsloNorway25/03/201426/03/2014
TC CI meeting Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium20/03/201420/03/2014
Board of Directors meetingBoard Meeting  BrusselsBelgium19/03/201419/03/2014
EA Horizontal Harmonisation Committee meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium18/03/201419/03/2014
EA Laboratory Committee meetingOther Meeting  VallettaMalta12/03/201413/03/2014
EFNDT General AssemblyOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium11/03/201412/03/2014
TC CML meeting Other Meeting  AmsterdamNetherlands05/03/201406/03/2014
TC COH meeting Other Meeting  MunichGermany21/02/201421/02/2014
COMMs meetingOther Meeting    19/02/201419/02/2014
EUROALB Board meeting Board Meeting  BrusselsBelgium11/02/201412/02/2014
EEPCA General Assembly Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium05/02/201406/02/2014
ILAC WG 1 meeting Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium22/01/201422/01/2014
CEOC International Safety Seminar & TC meetingsAnnual Reception  BrusselsBelgium27/11/201328/11/2013
EAAB meetingOther MeetingEFTA premises BrusselsBelgium30/10/201330/10/2013
CAB College meetingOther MeetingCEOC International premises BrusselsBelgium29/10/201329/10/2013
TC ENERGYOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium17/10/201317/10/2013
IAF-ILAC meeetingsOther Meeting  Incheon Korea16/10/201325/10/2013
CASCO Plenary MeetingOther Meeting  BeijingChina10/10/201311/10/2013
ESOPE ConferenceOther Meeting  ParisFrance08/10/201310/10/2013
EUROLAB National Members’ Meeting Other Meetinghosted by AUSTROLAB ViennaAustria07/10/201309/10/2013
ISO/CASCO Plenary meetings and open dayOther Meeting    07/10/201311/10/2013
ISO/CASCO WG 30Other Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland25/09/201327/09/2013
TC CMLOther Meetinghosted by TDT WarsawPoland25/09/201326/09/2013
EA HHCOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium24/09/201325/09/2013
CEN/CENELEC TC 1 MeetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium19/09/201319/09/2013
ISO/CASCO WG 37 Other Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland01/07/201303/07/2013
COMMs meetingOther Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium25/06/201325/06/2013
ISO/CASCO WG 37: Audit Time in Management System CertificationOther Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland17/06/201319/06/2013
EA General AssemblyOther Meeting  ParisFrance29/05/201330/05/2013
EURACHEM General AssemblyOther MeetingHosted by FINNTESTING HelsinkiFinland20/05/201324/05/2013
CEOC International General AssemblyGeneral Assemblyhosted by SAFed and Lloyd's Register LondonUK11/05/201314/05/2013
ILAC-IAF Mid-Term MeetingsOther Meeting  FrankfurtGermany27/04/201305/05/2013
ISO/CASCO JWG 36Other Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland23/04/201325/04/2013
EAAB meetingOther MeetingEFTA premises BrusselsBelgium18/04/201318/04/2013
CAB College meetingOther MeetingCEOC International premises BrusselsBelgium17/04/201317/04/2013
CEN Certification BoardBoard Meeting    13/04/201313/04/2013
EA CPC MeetingOther Meeting  BucharestRomania10/04/201311/04/2013
ISO/CASCO CPCOther Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland10/04/201310/04/2013
EUROLAB General AssemblyGeneral Assembly    08/04/201310/04/2013
JTC PTC meetingOther Meeting  PragueCzech Republic21/03/201322/03/2013
EA Horizontal Harmonization Committee MeetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium19/03/201320/03/2013
EA Inspection Committee MeetingOther Meeting  BelgradeSerbia14/03/201314/03/2013
EA Certification Committee MeetingOther Meeting  BelgradeSerbia12/03/201313/03/2013
Revision Blue GuideOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium01/03/201301/03/2013
CEOC Board MeetingBoard MeetingCEOC International premises  Brussels19/02/201319/02/2013
ISO/CASCO WG 38Other Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland19/02/201321/02/2013
COMMsOther MeetingCEOC International premises BrusselesBelgium18/02/201318/02/2013
TC COHOther MeetingCEOC International premises BrusselsBelgium14/02/201314/02/2013
ISO/CASCO WG 30Other Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland13/02/201315/02/2013
ISO/CASCO WG 32: Product CertificationOther Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland06/02/201308/02/2013
ISO/CASCO WG 35: Management SystemsOther Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland29/01/201331/01/2013
Machines, Lifts, Cranes (CML) MeetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium16/01/201317/01/2013
CML meetingOther MeetingCEOC International premises BrusselsBelgium16/01/201317/01/2013
EUROLAB Board MeetingOther Meeting CEOC PremisesBrusselsBelgium05/12/201206/12/2012
TC CP meetingOther MeetingHosted by INAIL RomeItaly12/11/201212/11/2012
CEOC Safety SeminarOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium06/11/201207/11/2012
EUROLAB National Members MeetingOther Meeting  TeddingtonUK08/10/201210/10/2012
JTC PTCOther Meetinghosted by Applus BarcelonaSpain01/10/201202/10/2012
TC CMLOther Meetinghosted by TÜV Süd MunichGermany27/09/201228/09/2012
IFIA Risk Management SeminarOther Meeting  LondonUK20/09/201221/09/2012
EUROLAB Board MeetingBoard Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium18/06/201219/06/2012
CEOC General Assembly 2012 General Assemblyorganised/hosted by AEGIC MadridSpain12/05/201215/05/2012
18th ICNDTOther Meeting  DurbanSouth Africa18/04/201220/04/2012
EUROLAB General AssemblyGeneral Assembly  PragueCzech Republic18/04/201220/04/2012
The Lift Show, ExCeL LondonOther Meeting  LondonGreat Britain18/04/201219/04/2012
Plenary and SC/WG meetings of ISO/TC 135Other Meetingin conjunction with 18th WCNDT DurbanSouth Africa16/04/201220/04/2012
TC CNDOther Meetinghosted by Applus RTD BochumGermany02/04/201203/04/2012
TC CI Other Meetinghosted by Apave ParisFrance27/03/201228/03/2012
Board MeetingBoard Meetinghosted by VdTÜV BerlinGermany26/03/201227/03/2012
JTC PTCOther Meetinghosteb by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbHAm Grauen Stein 27CologneGermany21/03/201221/03/2012
EFTA WorkshopOther Meeting"Harmonisation or fragmentation in the single market for services?" BrusselsBelgium01/03/201201/03/2012
TC EnergyOther Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium01/03/201201/03/2012
EUROLAB Board MeetingBoard Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium27/02/201228/02/2012
Board MeetingBoard Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium15/02/201215/02/2012
COMMSOther Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium09/02/201209/02/2012
DEKRA - CEOC Safety BarometerOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium31/01/201231/01/2012
TC CMLOther Meetinghosted by TÜV Austria ViennaAustria18/01/201219/01/2012
TC COHOther Meetinghosted by SAFed LondonUK17/01/201217/01/2012
IAF-ILAC Annual ConferenceOther Meetingwebinar  Australia21/12/201121/12/2011
Brussels Focus GroupOther Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium20/12/201120/12/2011
COMMSOther Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium13/12/201113/12/2011
Eurolab Board MeetingOther Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium05/12/201106/12/2011
EA General AssemblyOther Meeting  WarsawPoland23/11/201124/11/2011
JTC PTC Other Meeting  BerlinGermany18/11/201118/11/2011
TC CP Meeting Other Meetinghosted by SAFedSafety Assessment Federation 70 South Lambeth Road Vauxhall LondonGreat Britain08/11/201108/11/2011
Board MeetingBoard Meeting CEOC premises  27/10/201128/10/2011
Energy Committee meetingOther Meeting  LondonUK24/10/201125/10/2011
EAAB meetingOther Meeting CEOC premises  19/10/201120/10/2011
COMMS meetingOther Meeting  MadridSpain19/10/201120/10/2011
VFA Interlift - Association of Lift TechnologyOther Meeting    18/10/201121/10/2011
TC COH MeetingOther Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium17/10/201117/10/2011
4th International Conference "The Competence of Laboratories"Other Meetinghosted by the Croatian association of laboratories, CROLAB CavtatCroatia12/10/201115/10/2011
EUROLAB National Members' MeetingOther Meetinghosted by Crolab CavtatCroatia12/10/201112/10/2011
EUROLAB TCQAOther Meeting  CavtatCroatia11/10/201111/10/2011
ISO CASCOOther Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland06/10/201107/10/2011
15th IMCOther Meeting  ParisFrance03/10/201106/10/2011
Joint meeting of CEN/TC 138/AHG 9 Harmonization of certification standards, ISO/TC 135/SC 7/WG 2 Revision of ISO 9712, and ISO/TC 135/WG 3 Harmonization of certification standardsOther Meetingin conjunction with V COPAEND (Fifth Pan American Conference for Non Destructive Testing) CancunMexico02/10/201106/10/2011
TC CML Other Meetingon invitation of TUV Rheinland BerlinGermany22/09/201123/09/2011
CEN/CENELEC TC 1Other Meeting    20/09/201120/09/2011
Practical application of process safety perfomance indicators (PSPIs) for power and steam generation, and distribution network utilitiesOther Meeting Energy Institute, 61 New Cavendish StreetLondonGreat Britain13/09/201113/09/2011
19th World Congress on Occupational Health and Safety at WorkOther Meeting  IstanbulTurkey11/09/201115/09/2011
Board Meeting Board Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium09/09/201109/09/2011
CEOC COMMS - BFG Meeting Other Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium05/07/201105/07/2011
55th EOQ Congress "World Quality Congress - Navigating Global Quality in a New Era"Other Meeting  BudapestHungary21/06/201123/06/2011
The International Forum on Occupational Health and Safety: Policies, Profiles and Services Other Meeting Hanasaari Cultural CentreEspooFinland20/06/201122/06/2011
Meeting of CEN/TC 138Other Meetingin conjunction with CERTIFICATION 2011 (Sixth International Conference on Certification and Standardisation in Non-Destructive Testing) ValenciaSpain13/06/201114/06/2011
JTC PTC meeting Other Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium 06/06/201107/06/2011
EuroNanoForum 2011Other Meeting  BudapestHungary30/05/201101/06/2011
CEOC General Assembly 2011General Assemblyorganised/hosted by UDT WarsawPoland28/05/201131/05/2011
Eurachem General Assembly 2011Other Meeting  MoscowRussia26/05/201127/05/2011
EA General AssemblyOther Meeting  BerlinGermany25/05/201126/05/2011
VdTÜV Annual ReceptionOther Meeting Deutsches TechnikmuseumBerlinGermany24/05/201124/05/2011
FISUEL - General Assembly 2011Other Meeting  MadridSpain19/05/201121/05/2011
Meeting of ISO/TC 135/SC 9 Acoustic emission testingOther Meetingin conjunction with COTEQ 2011 (Eleventh Conference on Equipment Technology) Porto de GalinhasBrazil10/05/201113/05/2011
15th Conference of the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA)Other Meetinghosted by VdTUV BerlinGermany04/05/201106/05/2011
EU-OSHA European Good Practice Award eventOther Meeting  BudapestHungary28/04/201128/04/2011
Eurolab General AssemblyOther Meeting  IstanbulTurkey11/04/201113/04/2011
59th UITP World Congress and Mobility & City TransportOther Meeting  DubaiUnited Arab Emirates10/04/201114/04/2011
VdTUV Fit to Drive ConferenceOther Meeting  The HagueThe Netherlands07/04/201108/04/2011
PLG MeetingOther Meeting  GermanyBerlin29/03/201129/03/2011
EA HHC (Horizontal Harmonization Committee)Other Meeting hosted by Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK) Turkey29/03/201130/03/2011
EA HHC (Horizontal Harmonization Committee)Other Meeting    29/03/201130/03/2011
COMMS meeting Other Meeting CEOC premisesBelgiumBrussels17/03/201117/03/2011
Energy Committee meetingOther Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium17/03/201117/03/2011
CEOC Annual ReceptionAnnual Reception Stanhope Hotel Rue du Commerce 9BrusselsBelgium16/03/201116/03/2011
CEOC Board MeetingBoard Meeting CEOC premises BrusselsBelgium16/03/201116/03/2011
40th CABF PED/SPV meetingOther Meeting METROPOLE HOTEL, located 31, place de BrouckèreBrusselsBelgium15/03/201116/03/2011
IAF and ILAC meetings Other Meeting  LondonUnited Kingdom 05/03/201113/03/2011
ILAC ARC (Arrangement Commmittee)Other Meeting Epsom Downs Racecourse, Conference Centre SurreyEpsomUnited Kingdom05/03/201113/03/2011
EA IC (Inspection Committee)Other Meeting  Amsterdam The Netherlands24/02/201124/02/2011
Second EJRR ConferenceOther Meeting Club de WarandeBrusselsBelgium22/02/201122/02/2011
EA CC (Certification Committee)Other Meeting  AmsterdamThe Netherlands22/02/201123/02/2011
4E+COther Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium16/02/201116/02/2011
TEN-T Executive Agency (Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency) 3rd annual Project Management WorkshopOther Meeting  BelgiumBrussels15/02/201116/02/2011
CML meetingOther Meeting TÜV RheinlandBerlinGermany15/02/201116/02/2011
CEOC - EFNDT Joint Meeting on Non-Destructive TestingOther Meeting CEOC premisesBrusselsBelgium09/02/201110/02/2011
EU Energy SummitOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium04/02/201104/02/2011
EU Conference on "EU Aviation safety management towards 2020"Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium26/01/201126/01/2011
EPPSA' s 5th Annual Technology EveningOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium24/01/201124/01/2011
100th Anniversary of Polish Technical Inspection - Jubilee GalaOther Meetingorganised by UDT, TDT, WDTWarsaw Philharmonic, 5 Jasna StreetWarsawPoland17/01/201117/01/2011
Eurolab Board MeetingOther Meeting 20-22 Rue du CommerceBrusselsBelgium03/12/201003/12/2010
Belgium EU Presidency Safe Maintenance Conference Other MeetingOrganized by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work BrusselsBelgium25/11/201025/11/2010
EA General AssemblyOther Meeting   Montenegro24/11/201025/11/2010
ISO CASCO PlenaryOther MeetingISO CASCO Plenary ParisFrance18/11/201019/11/2010
EAAB meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium10/11/201010/11/2010
EAAB preparatory meetingOther Meeting CEOC International, Rue du Commerce 20-22BrusselsBelgium09/11/201009/11/2010
Meeting of CEN/CENELEC TC 1Other MeetingCriteria for conformity assessment bodies

Room Da Vinci CEN/CENELEC meeting centre, 35 rue de StassartBrusselsBelgium03/11/201003/11/2010
JTCPTC meetingOther MeetingBAM Berlin BerlinGermany29/10/201029/10/2010
Eurolab WorkshopOther MeetingConformity Assessment in 2010Rennaissance Hotel Brussels, Rue du Parnasse 19BrusselsBelgium20/10/201020/10/2010
4. European Lift Congress HeilbroonOther MeetingTechnische Adademie Heilbronn e.V.
Institut für Weiterbildung an der Hochschule Heilbronn
Max Planck-Str. 39HeilbronnGermany19/10/201020/10/2010
CEOC International Board Meeting Board Meeting  ParisFrance14/10/201014/10/2010
CEOC Board MeetingBoard Meeting APAVE officeParisFrance13/10/201014/10/2010
CML MeetingOther MeetingMeeting of the Machines, Lifts and Cranes CommitteeLiftinstituutAmsterdamThe Netherlands11/10/201012/10/2010
CEOC Energy & Environmental Committee Other Meeting1st meeting of new CEOC committee BrusselsBelgium06/10/201007/10/2010
EA IC MeetingOther MeetingEA Inspection Committee meetingQuality Hotel Marina - Vedbæk Strandvej 391VedbækDenmark01/10/201001/10/2010
CEOC International CP (Pressure Equipment) meetingOther Meeting  ParisFrance01/10/201001/10/2010
European Forum for Conformity AssessmentOther Meeting  Brussels Belgium30/09/201030/09/2010
EA CC MeetingOther Meeting20th EA Certification Committee MeetingQuality Hotel Marina - Vedbæk Strandvej 391VedbækDenmark29/09/201030/09/2010
CEN Certification Board MeetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium 29/09/201029/09/2010
EA HHC MeetingOther MeetingHorizontal Harmonization Committee Corinthia Palace Hotel ***** - De Paule AvenueSan AntonMalta28/09/201029/09/2010
CEOC COMMS meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Communication ExpertsUDTWarsawPoland28/09/201029/09/2010
StandarDaysOther MeetingOpen info days on European standardization
CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre, 4th Floor, Newton A & BBrusselsBelgium22/09/201023/09/2010
ISO CASCO WG 31 - ISO 17020 Other Meeting  GenevaSwitzerland15/09/201017/09/2010
CEOC CI (Inspection Meeting)Other MeetingISO 17020   10/09/201010/09/2010
CEOC COH MeetingOther MeetingCEOC Occupational Health and Safety Committee meetingCEOC officeBrusselsBelgium02/09/201003/09/2010
TÜV NORD Bio Methane - SymposiumOther MeetingThe future role in the energy supply of EuropeRepresentation of Niedersachsen to the European Union, Rue Montoyer 61BrusselsBelgium01/09/201001/09/2010
COMMS meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC communication expertsRue du Commerce 20-22BrusselsBelgium01/07/201001/07/2010
4E+CEOC meetingOther MeetingMeeting of CEOC International, EA, Euramet, Eurachem, Eurolab.  ParisFrance30/06/201030/06/2010
Eurolab Board MeetingOther Meeting 20-22 Rue du CommerceBrusselsBelgium17/06/201017/06/2010
98th CEOC Board MeetingBoard MeetingThe Imperial Riding School Vienna - A Renaissance HotelUngargasse 60ViennaAustria01/06/201001/06/2010
50th CEOC International General Assembly & Annual MeetingsGeneral AssemblyGeneral Assembly, open conference and annual meetings on invitation of TÜV AUSTRIA in Vienna.The Imperial Riding School, Renaissance Hotel, Ungargasse 60ViennaAustria29/05/201001/06/2010
EA General AssemblyOther Meeting  Zürich Switzerland20/05/201021/05/2010
Notified Bodies Forum LiftsOther MeetingNotified Bodies Forum Lifts Meeting in Brussels BrusselsBelgium18/05/201019/05/2010
ISO WG 31Other MeetingISO WG 31 dealing with the revision of ISO/IEC 17020 GenevaSwitzerland05/05/201005/05/2010
WG 29 on ISO/IEC 17065 (product certification)Other Meeting    19/04/201021/04/2010
EAAB MeetingOther MeetingEA Advisory Board BrusselsBelgium15/04/201015/04/2010
Eurolab General AssemblyOther Meeting   Cyprus13/04/201013/04/2010
ELA Conference and General AssemblyOther MeetingELA (European Lift Association) celebrates its annual conference and general assembly in Berlin. The theme of the conference will be “How to improve the energy efficiency of lifts and escalators". BerlinGermany24/03/201025/03/2010
EA HHC MeetingOther MeetingMeeting of the EA Horizontal Harmonisation Committee BorasSweden22/03/201023/03/2010
CEOC Committee MeetingsAnnual ReceptionMeetings of the following CEOC committees: COMMS (Communication), CI (Inspection), CND (Non Destructive Testing), COH (Occupational Health and Safety), CML (Machiines, Lifts and Cranes) and CP (Pressure Equipment).Renaissance Hotel - Rue du Parnasse 19BrusselsBelgium04/02/201004/02/2010
CEOC International New Year's Reception & SeminarAnnual ReceptionAnnual Reception and Seminar in Brussels. BrusselsBelgium03/02/201003/02/2010
97th CEOC Board MeetingBoard Meeting Rue du Commerce 20-22BrusselsBelgium03/02/201003/02/2010
CML Meeting liftsOther Meeting CEOC office, 20-22 Rue du CommerceBruxellesBelgium26/11/200927/11/2009
EU-OSHA campaign closing eventOther MeetingClosing event of the EU-OSHA risk assessment campaign for which CEOC is a partner - CEOC delegation to participate BilbaoSpain17/11/200917/11/2009
CEOC COH meeting Other MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on Occupational Health and Safety  BilbaoSpain16/11/200916/11/2009
NB-L meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the Notified Bodies Forum on Lifts. BrusselsBelgium03/11/200904/11/2009
Permanent Liaison Group CEOC, EA, Eurolab, Euramet, Eurachem Other Meeting CEOC officesBrusselsBelgium29/10/200929/10/2009
EAAB meetingOther MeetingEA Advisory Board BrusselsBelgium29/10/200929/10/2009
CP meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on Pressure Equipment.TÜV AUSTRIAViennaAustria22/10/200923/10/2009
COMMS meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC communication managers.SAFedLondonUnited Kingdom20/10/200920/10/2009
CEOC CML (Machines, Lifts and Cranes) MeetingOther Meetingmeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on machines, lifts an cranes, focus on machineryTÜV AUSTRIAViennaAustria13/10/200914/10/2009
ILAC-IAF Annual MeetingOther Meeting  VancouverCanada09/10/200921/10/2009
EFCA meetingOther MeetingEuropean Forum for Conformity Assessment BrusselsBelgium08/10/200908/10/2009
96th CEOC Board MeetingBoard MeetingBoard Meeting and Brainstorming meeting on invitation of UDT in Warsaw, Poland WarsawPoland08/10/200909/10/2009
CEN/CLC TC 1 Task Force MeetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEN/CENELEC TC 1 Task Force BucharestRomania02/10/200902/10/2009
CEN/CLC TC 1 MeetingOther MeetingMeeting of CEN/CENELEC TC 1 BucharestRomania01/10/200901/10/2009
ISO CASCO WG31Other MeetingMeeting of the WG 31 dealing with the Revision of ISO/IEC 17020ISO CASCOGenevaSwitzerland22/09/200924/09/2009
EA Certification Committee meeting Other Meeting  TaorminaItaly08/09/200909/09/2009
EA Inspection Committee MeetingOther;
fax number +39-02-21009637
HHC MeetingOther Meeting2nd EA Horizontal Harmonization Committee MeetingCEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre, Avenue Marnix 17BrusselsBelgium02/09/200903/09/2009
COMMS meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC communication experts.CEOC International, 20-22 Rue du CommerceBrusselsBelgium01/07/200901/07/2009
Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) Forum Pressure Equipment (PED/SPV)Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium16/06/200917/06/2009
31st CNB-MA meeting Other MeetingGroup of Notified Bodies under the Machinery Directive BrusselsBelgium10/06/200910/06/2009
EA General AssemblyOther Meeting  LuxembourgLuxembourg27/05/200928/05/2009
VdTÜV Annual Reception Other Meeting  BerlinGermany26/05/200926/05/2009
NB-L meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the Notified Bodies Forum on Lifts. BrusselsBelgium19/05/200920/05/2009
95th CEOC Board MeetingBoard MeetingMeliá Grand Hermitage -
Tel: (35) 95 2333222 - Fax: (35) 95 333 888 -
Golden SandsVarnaBulgaria19/05/200919/05/2009
CC meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on Conformity Assessment.Sol Melia Hotel "Grand Ermitage"VarnaBulgaria18/05/200918/05/2009
COH meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on Occupational Health and Safety.Hotel Sol Melia "Grand Ermitage"VarnaBulgaria18/05/200918/05/2009
CI meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on InspectionHotel Sol Melia "Grand Ermitage"VarnaBulgaria18/05/200918/05/2009
CML meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on Machines, Lifts and CranesSol Melia Hotel "Grand Ermitage"VarnaBulgaria18/05/200918/05/2009
COMMS meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC communication managers.Sol Melia Hotel "Grand Hermitage"VarnaBulgaria18/05/200918/05/2009
CP meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on Pressure Equipment.Hotel Sol Melia "Grand Ermitage"VarnaBulgaria18/05/200918/05/2009
49th CEOC General Assembly & Annual MeetingsGeneral AssemblyWeekend programme: 16/17 May;
Annual Conference & Meetings: Monday, 18 May
Board Meeting & General Assembly: Tuesday, 19 May
Golden SandsVarnaBulgaria16/05/200919/05/2009
JTCPTC meeting Other Meetingat the CEOC offices 20-22 Rue du CommerceBrusselsBelgium07/05/200907/05/2009
CEN Certification Board Management GroupOther MeetingCEN - CENELEC Meeting Centre, BrusselsAvenue Marnix 17BrusselsBelgium06/05/200906/05/2009
ISO CASCO WG31Other MeetingFirst meeting of the WG 31 dealing with the Revision of ISO/IEC 17020ISO CASCOGenevaSwitzerland04/05/200906/05/2009
workshop "The role of the Notified Bodies in bringing Medical Devices onto the market of the EU"Other MeetingThe organisors of the workshop are the German and the European Notified Body's Alliance IG-NB and Team-NB and the Association of the TÜV (VdTÜV).
In the course of the workshop different aspects of the certification work and the role of the Notified Bodies in certifying medical devices will be presented and discussed with the audience.
Bedford Hotel & Congress CentreBrusselsBelgium28/04/200928/04/2009
EA HHCOther Meeting BELACBrusselsBelgium20/04/200921/04/2009
EA SP1 MeetingOther Meeting  StockholmSweden16/04/200916/04/2009
EAAB MeetingOther Meeting10.00 - 17.00  BrusselsBelgium03/04/200903/04/2009
EAAB Preparatory MeetingOther Meetingat the CEOC offices20-22 Rue du commerceBrusselsBelgium02/04/200902/04/2009
Eurolab General AssemblyOther Meeting  MadridSpain01/04/200901/04/2009
VdTÜV 125th anniversaryOther MeetingAnniversary Ceremony Deutsches Historisches Museum, Hinter dem Gießhaus 3BerlinGermany25/03/200925/03/2009
Internal Market conferenceOther MeetingConference at the representation of the Freie Hansestadt BremenAvenue Palmerston 22BrusselsBelgium19/03/200919/03/2009
OSHA (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work) conferenceOther Meetingseminar with Commissioner SpidlaBerlaymont BuildingBrusselsBelgium17/03/200917/03/2009
CEN CCB (CEN Certification Board)Other Meetingoffices of AFNOR Certification11 rue Francis de PressenséParisFrance12/03/200912/03/2009
CABF PED/SVPOther MeetingConformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) Forum Pressure Equipment (PED/SPV)Thon Hotel Avenue du Boulevard 17BrusselsBelgium03/03/200904/03/2009
4 E + C MeetingOther Meeting  ParisFrance19/02/200919/02/2009
CC meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on Conformity Assessment.Résidence PalaceBrusselsBelgium18/02/200918/02/2009
CI meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on InspectionRésidence PalaceBrusselsBelgium18/02/200918/02/2009
COH meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on Occupational Health and Safety.Résidence PalaceBrusselsBelgium18/02/200918/02/2009
CP meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on Pressure Equipment.Résidence PalaceBrusselsBelgium18/02/200918/02/2009
CML meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC Technical Committee on Machines, Lifts and CranesRésidence PalaceBrusselsBelgium18/02/200918/02/2009
COMMS meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC communication managers.Résidence PalaceBrusselsBelgium18/02/200918/02/2009
CEOC Committee MeetingsOther MeetingMeetings of the CEOC Committees CC, CI, CML, COH, CP Résidence Palace - International Press Centre, Rue de la Loi 155 - Bloc CBrusselsBelgium18/02/200918/02/2009
CEOC New Year's Seminar & ReceptionAnnual ReceptionRue de la Loi 155 - Bloc CRésidence Palace - International Press CentreBrusselsBelgium17/02/200917/02/2009
94th CEOC Board MeetingBoard Meeting 20-22 Rue du CommerceBrusselsBelgium17/02/200917/02/2009
“Environment, Safety and Mobility 2020”Other Meetingseminar organised by CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers) BrusselsBelgium11/02/200911/02/2009
Directive on Industrial Emissions (IPPC) – towards a better protection of the environment and a level playing field for competition in EuropeOther MeetingSeminar Baden-Württemberg representation BrusselsFrance10/02/200910/02/2009
European Sustainable Energy Week 2009Other Meeting  BrusselsBelgium09/02/200913/02/2009
EA Subproject 1 Other MeetingNext Meeting of the EA Subproject 1 Group. Official CEOC representatives: Mrs Nenner (Apave), Mr. Russold (TÜV AUSTRIA), Mr. Schaub (CEOC International).  BrusselsBelgium16/12/200817/12/2008
COMMS meetingOther MeetingMeeting of the CEOC communication managers20-22 Rue du CommerceBrusselsBelgium03/12/200803/12/2008
CABF LiftsOther MeetingMeeting of the Conformity Assessment Bodies Forum Lifts BrusselsBelgium18/11/200819/11/2008
EA General Assembly in LisbonOther Meeting18./19.11.2008 - EA General Assembly in Lisbon LisbonPortugal18/11/200819/11/2008
CABF PED/SVPOther MeetingMeeting of the Conformity Assessment Bodies Forum "Simple Pressure Vessels and Pressure Equipment"Crowne Plaza, Rue de la Loi 107BrusselsBelgium05/11/200805/11/2008
EAAB meetingOther MeetingEAAB meeting BrusselsBelgium30/10/200830/10/2008
ISO CASCO plenary meetingsOther MeetingISO CASCO plenary meetings and workshop on market surveillance GenevaSwitzerland29/10/200831/10/2008
EAAB preparatory meetingOther Meetingpreparatory meeting of the EAAB20-22 Rue du CommerceBrusselsBelgium29/10/200829/10/2008
CML MeetingOther MeetingMeeting of the Technical CommitteeTÜV SÜDMunichGermany27/10/200827/10/2008
CP MeetingOther MeetingMeeting of the Technical Committee CPTÜV AUSTRIAViennaAustria24/10/200824/10/2008
EA Certification CommitteeOther MeetingEA Certification Committee in Brussels BrusselsBelgium09/09/200810/09/2008
EA Inspection CommitteeOther MeetingEA Inspection Committee in Brussels BrusselsBelgium08/09/200808/09/2008
EA Subproject Group 1Other MeetingEA Subproject Group 1 in Munich MunichGermany04/08/200805/08/2008
Brussels Focus GroupOther MeetingDiscussion on forthcoming EU legislation with view to identifying issues of interest for CEOC InternationalRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium25/06/200825/06/2008
48th Annual Meeting and General AssemblyGeneral Assembly48th Annual Meeting and General Assembly in Rome RomeItaly24/05/200827/05/2008
European Forum for Conformity AssessmentOther Meeting1st meeting of the European Forum for Conformity AssessmentEFTA Secretariat, Rue Joseph II 12-16BrusselsBelgium16/05/200816/05/2008
TC Inspection MeetingOther MeetingBrussels at the CEOC International offices, Rue du Commerce 20-22. Starting at 10.00, closing at ca. 16.00Rue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium16/04/200816/04/2008
Toy Safety Focus GroupOther Meeting1st meeting of the CEOC working group on Toy Safety. The revision of the Toy Safety Directive, currently ongoing at the European Parliament, will be discussed. Aim: draft a CEOC International position to be presented to the parliamentary rapporteur, Ms MaRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium15/04/200815/04/2008
Brussels Focus GroupOther Meeting1st meeting of the Brussels Focus Group, 10.30 - 12.30H. The Brussels representatives of CEOC members will meet regularly in the future to discuss current (political) issues. If you would like to join or receive more information, please e-mail to: a.gruneRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium15/04/200815/04/2008
Extraordinary Meeting of the EA General AssemblyOther MeetingSpecial focus on the EA Development Plan  Poland04/04/200804/04/2008
EA Sub Project 1Other Meetingmeeting of the Sub-Project 1 of the EA Development Project, to be held in Paris on 18 and 19 March.
CEOC (member) representatives:
Ms Charlotte Nenner (Apave)
Mr. Adolf Russold (T_V Austria)
Mr. Hinrich Schaub (CEOC International)
rue de Lyon 37ParisFrance18/03/200818/03/2008
TC CML MeetingOther MeetingThe first CML (Machines, Lifts and Cranes) meeting in 2008 will take place at the TÜV Rheinland premises in Cologne on 13 and 14 March. An announcement has already been sent by the chairman, Mr. Adolf Russold.
TÜV Rheinland Germany13/03/200814/03/2008
TC COH MeetingOther MeetingThe next TC COH meeting will take place at the SAFed premises in London on 10 March 2008. Meeting documents will be sent out in due course.70 South Lambeth Road, VauxhallLondonUnited Kingdom10/03/200810/03/2008
4 E + CEOC meetingOther Meeting4 E (EA, Eurolab, Eurachem, Euramet) and CEOC meeting at PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt), BerlinAbbe-Strasse 2-12BerlinGermany05/02/200805/02/2008
91st Board MeetingBoard Meeting91st Board Meeting to take place on 23.01.2008 from 10.30 to 17.00 hours at the CEOC office, BrusselsRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium23/01/200823/01/2008
JTCPTC MeetingOther Meeting Rue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium22/01/200822/01/2008
EA WorkshopOther MeetingEA Workshop on "What is Accreditable"? to be held on 21.11.2007 in Nicosia NicosiaBelgium21/11/200721/11/2007
JTC PTC MeetingOther MeetingCEOC-Eurolab Joint Technical Committee on Product Testing and Certification meeting to take place on 18.10.2007 from 10.00 to 17.00 hours at VintotteVintotteVilvoordeBelgium18/10/200718/10/2007
90th Board MeetingBoard Meeting90th Board Meeting to take place on 17.10.2007 from 9.30 to 17.00 hours at Vintotte, BrusselsVintotteVilvoordeBelgium17/10/200717/10/2007
Board Brainstorming SessionOther MeetingStrategic Meeting of the Board - Brainstorming Session to take palce at Vintotte premises on 16.10 from 10.30 to 17.00 hoursVintotteVilvoordeBelgium16/10/200716/10/2007
TC CML MeetingOther MeetingCML Meeting to take place on 13 and 14 September at Vintotte - 10.30 hours on 13.9 to 16.00 hours on 14.9Jan Olieslagerlaan 35VilvoordeBelgium13/09/200714/09/2007
TC CI meetingOther MeetingMeteing of the TC CIRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium12/09/200712/09/2007
Communication Expert Group MeetingOther MeetingCommunication Expert Group Meeting to be held at the CEOC International premisesRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium30/08/200730/08/2007
Communication Expert Group MeetingOther MeetingMeeting of the Communication Expert Group to be held on 4th July 2007 at the CEOC International premisesRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium04/07/200704/07/2007
CEOC-DEKRA Workshop on IncidentsOther MeetingJoint CEOC International-DEKRA Workshop on Incidents/Accidents at the WorkplaceRue WiertzBrusselsBelgium26/06/200726/06/2007
Workshop on the Internal Market PackageOther MeetingWorkshop on the Regulation setting out Requirements for Accreditation and Market Surveillance relating to the Marketing of ProductsRue WiertzBrusselsBelgium13/06/200713/06/2007
89th Board MeetingBoard MeetingThe 89th Board meeting shall take place in Berlin on 5.06.2007 from 8.00 to 10.00 a.m.Steigenberger HotelBerlinGermany05/06/200705/06/2007
Annual Meeting 2007General AssemblyAnnual Meeting of the TCs and General Assembly in berlin on 4-5 June 2007BerlinGermanyGermany04/06/200705/06/2007
JTC PTC MeetingOther MeetingMeeting of the Joint Technical Committee on Product Testing and Certification (JTC PTC)on 9.5.2007 from 10.00 to 16.00 hours at CEOC InternationalRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium09/05/200709/05/2007
EAAB MeetingOther MeetingMeeting of the EA AB at the CEOC International premisesRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium18/04/200718/04/2007
3rd Meeting WG Services StandardsOther MeetingThird Meeting of the Working Group on Services Standards under the EFOSIM (European Forum on Servcies in the Internal Market) of which CEOC International is a member - organised by DG MARKTEU CommissionBrusselsBelgium11/04/200711/04/2007
TC CI - InspectionOther MeetingTechnical Commission InspectionRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium20/03/200720/03/2007
TC COH MeetingOther MeetingThird meeting of the TC COH (Occupational Health and Safety) at the CEOC International Secretariat in Brussels.Rue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium07/03/200707/03/2007
TC Chair Persons MeetingOther MeetingThird Meeting of the TC Chair Persons at CEOC International on 6.3.2007 from 13.30 to 16.30 hours.Rue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium06/03/200706/03/2007
88th Board MeetingBoard Meeting88th Meeting of the CEOC International Board on 5th March from 10.30 hours and 6th march until lunch time.Rue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium05/03/200706/03/2007
TC CML MeetingOther Meeting26 + 27 February 2007: TC CML Meeting hosted by EMI-T_V Hungary. BudapestHungary26/02/200727/02/2007
4E + C meetingOther MeetingAnnual Meeting of the 4E (EA - Euromet - Eurachem - Eurolab) and CEOC International to take place in Paris ParisFrance19/02/200719/02/2007
Communication Expert Group MeetingOther MeetingThe Communication Experts Group Meeting shall take place on 25.01.2007 at the CEOC International premises from 9.00 to 13.00 hours. (postponed from 12.12.06)Rue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium25/01/200725/01/2007
Meeting between the President, Vice-President and Secretary GeneralOther MeetingMeeting the President, Vice-President, Secretary GeneralRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium23/01/200723/01/2007
2nd Meeting WG Services StandardsOther MeetingSecond Meeting of the WG on Services Standards under the EFOSIM 5European Forum on Services in the Internal Market) organised by DG MARKT BrusselsBelgium06/12/200606/12/2006
TC CI MeetingOther MeetingThe TC CI Meeting shall take place at the CEOC International offices on 16.11.2006 from 10.30 to 16.00 hours.Rue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium16/11/200616/11/2006
JTC PTCOther MeetingMeeting of the Eurolab-CEOC Joint Technical Committee on Product Testing and CertificationRue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium27/10/200627/10/2006
Service StandardsOther MeetingDG Internal Market invited stakeholders, among them CEOC International, to participate in the kick-off meeting of the WG on Service Standards on 5.10.06 at the European Commission.Av. d'AuderghemBrusselsBelgium05/10/200605/10/2006
Meeting of the TC Chair PersonsOther MeetingThe second meeting of the TC Chair Persons will take place at the CEOC International premises from 9.00 to 12.00 hours on 5.10.Rue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium05/10/200605/10/2006
2006 Annual ReceptionAnnual Reception2006 CEOC International Annual Reception at the premises of the organisation.Rue du Commerce 20/22BrusselsBelgium04/10/200604/10/2006
Board MeetingBoard MeetingThe 87th Board meeting will take place at the Vintotte premises in Vilvoorde from 10.30 to 17.00 hours on 4.10.Jan Olieslagerslaan 35VilvoordeBelgium04/10/200604/10/2006
Board MeetingBoard Meeting86th Board Meeting Bucharest 23/05/200623/05/2006
46th Annual Meeting and General AssemblyGeneral Assembly46th Annual Meeting and General Assembly   22/05/200623/05/2006
Board MeetingBoard Meeting85th Board Meeting BrusselsBelgium07/03/200607/03/2006
IAF-ILAC Annual Conference Other Meeting  Rio do JaneiroBrazil  
TC ENERGY meetingOther Meeting  BrusselsBelgium  
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