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       Medical Equipment and Life Sciences 02/04/2009
Workshop "The role of the Notified Bodies in bringing medical Devices onto the market of the EU"

The workshop will take place in Brussels on 28 April 2009.

Notified Bodies play a central role in introducing a large number of medical devices to the European market. Most medical devices can only be brought to the European market after Notified Bodies have performed the relevant conformity assessment procedure. Through such procedures the Notified Body tests and evaluates the conformity of the product with the basic requirements of the applicable European directives and the appropriate and applicable national laws.


In the course of the workshop different aspects of the certification work and the role of the Notified Bodies in certifying medical devices will be presented and discussed together with representatives from the European Parliament, the European Commission, the accreditation authorities, the Notified Bodies and the medical devices industry.


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