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       Consumer Goods 20/05/2010
Consultation on the revision of the General Product Safety Directive

The European Commission DG Health and Consumers launched a consultation on the Revision of the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC).The consultation will be open until 30 July 2010. 


Target groups: 

EU citizens, economic operators, other organisations and relevant national authorities. Contributions are sought in particular to feed into the economic impact assessment, which is why there are focused sections for national authorities and economic operators. Other stakeholders can also reply to technical questions as far as they are relevant to them, and also provide more general remarks on the identified issues.



The framework set up under the two successive General Product Safety Directives - Directive 92/59/EC and 2001/95/EC - has built up, in almost two decades, a system that fosters a general culture that all consumer products must be safe, and integrates the role of European standards for otherwise non-harmonised products. However, recurrent product safety alerts have made it clear that we need a system that delivers more rapidly, efficiently and consistently throughout the EU and which, at the same time, is flexible enough to adapt to the challenges of globalisation and continue to contribute to the EU internal market of safe products.


Four main issues covered by the consultation:

1. Standardisation procedures under the General Product Safety Directive

2. Harmonisation of diverging safety evaluations of consumer products

3. Market surveillance framework iin the product safety area

4. Alignment with the Free Movement of Products Package

There are background documents on all issues available from the web site.


Objective of the consultation:

The public consultation intends to measure the size of the identified problems and to find viable solutions as well as room for further improvement. Respondents should provide facts and figures in order to enable the Commission to make a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the problems encountered in the implementation/application of the GPSD. Concrete examples and background information will allow an understanding of the reasons behind your statements and opinions. Reasoned suggestions for improvement are also welcome.