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       Conformity Assessment 20/10/2010
Leading laboratories in Europe analyse (the future of) conformity assessment

20 October 2010, Brussels


Under the motto “A unique opportunity to discover how the grass will grow” EUROLAB had invited representatives from the laboratory community, the European institutions and standards institutes, accreditation bodies and national authorities to give an overview of the current situation of conformity assessment and dig the soil for future activities and changes.


On 08 December, 2004, an important national workshop was organised in Brussels in order to analyse the possible consequences of some important changes recently decided or to be decided at that time: review of the new approach, sector schemes, impact of the ISO 17000 series … Almost 6 years later, EUROLAB accepted the challenge to illustrate developments since then and outline tasks for the future in the mentioned field.


The key topics of the workshop covered issues such as market surveillance, the revision of the ISO 17000 series, the restructuring of the European accreditation system, the problem of knowledge transfer and validation uncertainty and others.


The one-day workshop was moderated by Guy Jacques, chairman of BELAB, and Dr Manfred Golze, chairman of the EUROLAB TCQA (Technical Committee on Quality Assurance in Testing and Calibration) that held a technical meeting shortly before, on 18 October 2010.


Guest speakers included Dr Philip Taylor - Head of unit at the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements belonging to the European Commission Joint Research Centre -, Dr Monika Wloka – Chairwoman of the CEN/CENELEC TC1 -, Benny De Blaere – chairman of Certibel -, Jacques McMillan – Head of Unit at the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry -, Nicole Vanlaethem – Vice-chairwoman of the EA MLA and chairwoman of the BELAC accreditation bureau -, Chris Van der Cruyssen – Director General a.i. DG Quality and Safety Federal Public Service Economy Belgium etc.


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CEOC International and EUROLAB renewed their Memorandum of Understanding during the EUROLAB General Assembly in Cyprus in April this year and agreed on closer cooperation in the future. As a first tangible result of this reinforced ‘safety alliance’, a joint Briefing Letter was sent out to the European Parliament on behalf of CEOC International, EUROLAB and EFNDT (the European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing) beginning of this year.


CEOC International and EUROLAB have already ‘institutionalised’ their cooperation by means of the Joint EUROLAB-CEOC Technical Committee on Product Testing and Certification which meets twice per year and is chaired by Guy Jacques on behalf of EUROLAB and Christian Priller on behalf of CEOC.


EUROLAB – the European Federation of National Associations of Measurement, Testing and Analytical

Laboratories – was set up in Brussels on 27 April 1990 as a network of the laboratory community and

in response to the evolution of the European Union and is since 1998 registered as a legal entity in the form of an international association under Belgian law (aisbl – association internationale sans but lucratif). Composed of 24 national associations from the EU and EFTA, EUROLAB is grouping over 2,000 conformity assessment bodies representing over 100,000 technical experts and laboratory practitioners. Associated membership is open world-wide and includes representatives from East and Middle East, South Africa and America. Besides formulating and voicing the opinion of laboratories regarding economical, political and technical issues, EUROLAB aims at promoting cost-effective testing, calibration and measurement services, for which the accuracy and quality assurance requirements were adjusted to the actual needs. These are particularly addressing European legislation, consumer protection, product and occupational safety.