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       Standardisation 21/10/2010
Future of the European Standardization System

The European Parliament Internal Market Committee (IMCO) submitted on Thursday 21 October its final report on the future of the European Standardization to the voting of the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg where it was adopted almost unanimously. As a reminder, the IMCO report on the future of the European Standardization System (ESS) was designed to analyse European Commission ideas to review the basis on which the European Standards Organizations work. After a public hearing in June dedicated to the topic, a first draft and the approval of the report by IMCO’s members on 7 October, the final step in the process was concluded with the report approval by the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg.


The main recommendations:

·         The European Commission proposal should be accompanied by a comprehensive framework for action at European and national level.

·         There is need for the development of European standards in the service sector.

·         It is proposed to take some measures which would promote the participation of societal stakeholders and SMEs in the standard-setting process.

·         There is need for better access to standards.

·         There is need for promoting a standardisation system witch fosters innovation and sustainability competitiveness


- Point 61 of the report: Stresses that, in order to further strengthen consumer protection, the procedure for developing standards relating to the General Product Safety Directive should be prioritised.

- Point 62 of the report: Draws attention to Parliament’s resolution of 6 May 2010 on electric cars, which stresses the need for effective standardisation processes in various areas to accelerate the market introduction of electric cars in the interests of competitiveness and the environment.

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Prior to the voting, a press conference was held on 20 October to present the results of this „report on the future of European Standardization„ undertaken by IMCO.

MEP Mr Malcolm HARBOUR, Chair of the Committee on Internal Market (IMCO), stated that he was confident on the vote as the topic of European standardization’s future received a lot of support across the European Parliament.


Three other MEPs were present during the press conference: Mr Edvard Kožušnik (IMCO’s rapporteur on the future of European Standardization), the shadow rapporteurs Mr Mitro Repo and Ms Lara Comi. They explained how satisfied they are with the result of the report, which tackles an essential topic for the European internal market that is in their view too often neglected. They highlighted that at first a lot of divergences existed on this topic, but finally the outcome of the report is a very good compromise.


Mr Kožušnik ended in underlining that now the ball is on the side of the European Commission, but that the European Parliament will closely follow the subsequent developments at the European Commission level.

Mr Malcom Harbour concluded that working on the future of the European standardization has made him aware of how deeply “this issue reaches down into the local communities. It is a real example about how important the internal market is for consumers and citizens.”


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